I have a hard time living in the present. I spend a great deal of time thinking about what I want to do someday. I always have. I like planning and imagining what I want my life to be like ten or twenty years from now. I’m also a very reflective person. I can remember the most insignificant details about almost everything as it relates to a timeline, and for some reason I spend hours just analyzing past events. It’s really kind of cool… and sort of depressing.

All that to say, I struggle being content with my current circumstances. My hope is to use this blog as a way to take what I’m learning, processing, and thinking in this stage of life, and talk about how it might matter in the future. It’s a process I’m hoping will make me more content, and a way for me to leverage where I am now to hopefully be wiser in the future.

So, why the change of blogs to do that? There are a few reasons.

1. WordPress is much cooler than blogger. (And at times more confusing)

2. I stopped blogging recently because I was beginning to feel like a poser.

3. Moons From Burma was a high school thing. I’m trying to embrace “the present”.

4. New creates momentum. (At least according to Andy Stanley… who knows if it’s actually true.)

Someday, it will be my generation’s turn to bat. When that day comes, our readiness will be based on how well we prepared on deck. This blog aims to help me prepare by articulating thoughts, and receiving feedback from people ahead of me.




10 thoughts on “why ‘on deck’?

      1. I really was just playing with the term, but I was referring to opportunity. I agree we shouldn’t be waiting around to do something that matters, but the reality is the opportunities we have now are limited.. especially compared to the opportunities we’ll have one day.

  1. “The previous generation is at bat, and has been as long as I can remember. Soon, though, it’ll be my turn, so I should probably start taking some practice swings on deck.”

    um, how genius is that?

    yay for living in the present.

  2. If you want to think about what your going to be doing in the close future and start working on it, you should to come to my room and we can do our Greek homework for tomorrow.

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