Nope, we aren’t there yet

Wednesdays are the day this summer I’m going to be writing specifically about what I’m learning at Seacoast Church, though most of my posts this summer are probably influenced in some way by my experiences here.

I have the privilege of going to some really important meetings with some really important people.  It can be humbling and make you feel like you don’t know very much, but it can also be an incredible opportunity to learn. Recently I was in one of these meetings with the executive team of the church when they began talking about realigning to the vision of the church. As they were talking, one of the guys in the room made a great statement.

A leader’s answer to the question, “Are we there yet?” should always be no.

A leader knows that you never arrive.  A leader knows that you never accomplish everything there is to accomplish. A leader is driven by pursuing what’s unattainable.

Think about that. A church leader’s journey has no earthly destination.

  • “Well… we finally planted enough churches.”
  • “Well… we finally reached as many as we can reach.”
  • “Well… everybody’s finally fully devoted.”

We know we’ll never make any of those statements. The temptation, though, is to lead like we will.

  • “If we could ever just hit x-number of people.”
  • “If we could just get 75% in small groups.”
  • “If we could ever just launch ________.”
  • “When we get a building…”

Attainable goals are great. But goals aren’t destinations. Goals are tools to help you move forward. And the ultimate goal is to always be moving forward. Why? Because you’re never ‘there yet.’


2 thoughts on “Nope, we aren’t there yet

  1. Thanks Nate! What a great opportunity for you; we are gracious recipients of any knowledge you may be gleaning! Keep up the great posts…

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