What to learn about learning

I’ve taken a couple weeks off from the blogging world. I left South Carolina and headed to Lexington, Kentucky where my family moved this summer, and have been going back and forth between Lexington and Clarksville where I’m from. I plan to be blogging regularly from here on out.

Since I’ve been back home, the question I’ve heard over and over is this: what did you learn this summer?

That’s a pretty big question. I learned a TON this summer about a bunch of different things. The posts for the next few weeks will probably all be things I learned or processed while in Charleston, but here’s what I learned about learning this summer:

The key to learning… is to develop a posture of learning. In every situation, conversation, lunch meeting, or coffee date you go to… be open to what you might learn… then, write it down.

So many people walk around thinking they’re teachers instead of learners. They might not think about it in those terms, but that’s essentially what they’re doing. They’re so convinced that they already have the right answers that they leave no room for potential learning opportunities.

I think the most ironic place this plays out is at college. College is a place where thousands of students pay money to go learn… but so many act like they’re already qualified to teach.

Here are 2 cool principles about learning:

  • The opportunity to learn comes from the humility to admit that you have something to learn. That’s hard, because when you talk to yourself you make the best arguments in the world and know everything there is to know.
  • True wisdom requires learning. Not just because wisdom is gained through learning, but because true wisdom begins with the acknowledgement that I still have so much to learn. Isn’t it cool how that works?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and so my new goal for this school year is to write down at least one thing I’ve learned each day. I think it’ll be a discipline that will keep me in a posture of learning, which will hopefully help me grow in wisdom.

What do you think? Want to join me? Write down one thing you learn each day. Maybe the most important thing you can learn is to learn.


2 thoughts on “What to learn about learning

  1. Hi Nate, glad to see you are back “On Deck” … oh, we 100% agree with you on the issue of continually being a ‘learner’ for many reasons and at our age, we believe it’s important because it keeps our minds sharper 🙂 plus there is always something one can learn from someone both older and younger, so it isn’t necessarily the young learning from the ‘aged and hopefully wiser ones’ but we older ones still have lots to learn from observing and asking questions of those of you coming behind. We’re all part of the same Body and Church and there is only One Who knows everything for which none of us qualify. 🙂 Oh, and will join you in this disciple of journal at least one new thing I’ve learned each day … actually starting today, am going to attempt to learn Portuguese! Have a great senior year at Moody!! Blessings …

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