Christmas Reading: December 9

An account of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham— (Matthew 1:1 CSB) 

The entire Bible revolves around Jesus. All roads lead to Him. And when Matthew sat down to write his account of Jesus’ life, the Holy Spirit brilliantly inspired him to connect some dots for us.

In Genesis 12, God miraculously appeared to a man named Abraham and began making him a series of promises. One of the promises was this— I will do something great for all the peoples of the earth through your son. 

Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were old and didn’t have any sons, but God is a God of impossible odds— so they believed him. Eventually, Abraham and Sarah had a son named Isaac, just as God promised. Isaac had a son named Jacob, and Jacob had twelve sons. These twelve sons would grow into twelve tribes and become a united nation called Israel.

But as you read their stories, you realize that none of these sons seems to be the promised son. God fulfilled other promises He made to Abraham, but the promised son seemed to be missing. Where was he? When would he come? The rest of the Old Testament is the story of Abraham’s family and the hopeful anticipation of his promised son.

Then, the story takes an interesting turn. In Genesis 49, Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, gathers his twelve sons together and gives a prophetic blessing to each of them. To his son, Judah, he says (paraphrasing)— “Kings will come from your tribe, and one of the kings will be a king over all peoples of the earth.”

Hundreds of years later, a young boy named David is born into Abraham’s family, specifically the tribe of Judah, and he’s anointed king. He proves to be a great king who follows God, and a monarchy is started through his line. In 2 Samuel 7, God makes a promise to David — “You will have a son whose kingdom will last forever.” 

As we piece these mini-stories together, it becomes clear that all these promises fit together into a bigger story.

What great thing will God do for all the peoples of the earth? He will establish a great kingdom, with a great king, who will be the son of David, the son of Abraham.

Enter Jesus.

The Bible is not a collection of random, unrelated stories. It’s a collection of Spirit-inspired, unified stories telling one big, true story about Jesus.


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