Living in the moment

The notions of “seizing the day” and “living in the moment” have become very popular. I’ve actually heard a few sermons about this recently. The speakers say, “Life happens in small moments. This moment will never come again! It’s possible to spend so much time looking at the past or future that you miss what God is doing now!”

I’ve already admitted I struggle with this. But I also struggle a little bit with what pastors may be communicating with messages like this. Essentially what they seem to be saying is, “Now is more important than Then.”

Here’s what I want to ask whenever they’re talking: Is it biblical to live now if you haven’t considered then?

I understand that we have to make the most of every opportunity. I get that life happens in blink-like moments. But communicating these things without explaining their connection to the future can point people in the wrong direction. It’s impossible to live with purpose without considering the future. We have to live now in light of who we want to be then, and what God plans to do then.

Am I off track here, or have you felt this tension? Obviously this isn’t what pastors mean to communicate, but have you felt the implication?




2 thoughts on “Living in the moment

  1. Interesting dynamic. I haven’t heard the same “trend” in preaching lately and would likely bristle if I did. Yes, we should “make the most of every opportunity” but that’s because “the days are evil.” Our eyes should be fixed on heaven, citizens of under our Lord in a Kingdom not of this world.

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