2 questions an audience wants to know

One of the coolest parts about my internship at Seacoast is getting to spend some time with Greg Surratt. He’s an incredible leader, and it’s a huge privilege getting to hang around him occasionally.

Recently we were discussing worship services and he made an interesting statement.

“When people walk into a room they want to know two things. 1) Who’s in charge? 2) Where are we going?”

The more I think about, the more I think he’s right. When I enter an environment, subconsciously I want to know those 2 things. So, what are the implications?

1. Who’s in charge?

  • In our environments, we need to have volunteers in place who are clearly ‘in charge’. In the parking lots, in the foyer, in the kids’ check-in, in the service. This makes it easy on people. They’re not left asking, “Who do I need to talk to?”
  • The people with a microphone need to understand their role, and develop a presence of leadership. Just because a worship leader is the one singing a song doesn’t mean he/she is leading people. That’s another post for another time.

2. Where are we going?

  • Our environments need to be easy to navigate, and people need to be there helping the ‘audience’ know where to go.
  • The purpose of the service needs to be clear. Why are we here? What are you expecting of me as an audience member? What are you hoping God does in this service?

I’m all about bringing clarity and organization to church environments. I think these 2 questions help steer things in clarity’s direction. What are some other implications of these questions? Do you even agree people are asking these questions?


One thought on “2 questions an audience wants to know

  1. I am sure these are vital questions and the audience these days are more alert than the people with the microphone. In Most cases they are fed up with the weak unpractical leaders. The microphone holders make it a point to deliver the goods as well to stick to it
    A preaching without practice is worthless and no audience give attention
    Thanks for putting forward this wonderful questions.
    Best Regards

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